I am a profesional 2D artist with several years into the industry in different fields of it.

My works are focused in character design, art direction and asset creation for video games, I use Unity in my projects to include the assets I am working on, create VFX, particle systems and also adding 2D Animation all inside the engine.

I have a wide range of skills to offer and I am also a very quick artist, always looking to optimize my flow to improve the quality and time to deliver my projects.

My latest experience in video games are Friendbase, Build's Fam-Biz, Smite, Paladins, PUBG Mobile, Forsaken World, Hex Shards of Fate, and Assault Fire. I have also worked with brands such as HTC, Audi, Hasbro, Cartoon Network, Fox, Wacom and Nintendo.
Check more detailed information in my LinkedIn profile
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